Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Designer Darling Round 3 Plus FREEBIE

I didn't make the cuts to Round 3. I took it really hard. I had only started my first attempts at designing (more than alphas or clustering other people's work) less than a month before the competition started. I hadn't expected to get to the end of it, but I had hoped to make it through at least one round of cuts. 
Regardless of how disappointed I was, I told myself I was doing this to force myself to learn. So in the spirit of learning I have decided to still participate but on their "play along" forum.
This week's challenge was to extract 3 items to make your own commercial use products.
Extraction has always been hard for me. I have avoided doing it if I could. I blend A LOT instead.
But again in the spirit of learning. I forced myself to try.
The Preview is a link to the STS site where the gallery is. If you think I should have stayed in this competition please comment on my preview. Thanks.
Its CU use okay. Please read the CU terms of use if you plan on using them for CU.


Thank-you for visiting my blog. Comments would go a long way in the boost of my self esteem right now.

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