Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bee-Mine Valentine Craft

Found something similar on Pinterest but there was no instructions on how to make them.
I studied them out and put together my own instructions.
To make
1. You need
  • Yellow paper
  • black paper
  •    printed paper or more yellow
  • glue
  •    scissors
  •    googlie eyes
  • marker
  • lollipop 

2. Cut wings out of printed paper
   Cut yellow paper 6 inches wide and 4.5 inch tall
    Cut black paper in random width strips no wider than 1 inch.
3. glue yellow base
4. glue on black stripes
5. glue on wings
6. write sentiment on wings
7. glue on googlie eyes (or draw them on)
    draw on mouth
8. inside tube tape sticks of
    lolipop, firmly secure.
9. Give away!

Happy Valentines Day
Here is the wing pattern.

In case you don't have black paper around or you want something with a print for the stripes
I created this For Personal Use only printable paper for the stripes 
Both files are here in size and if you "Save As" to your computer will be the right size for printing.

At our play date where we made these, one of the little girls looked like she could be a triplet with my twins.

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