Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Cirque Fantastique" the Fantastic Circus

I am completed my newest and first ever full kit. I did it for round 5 of the STS Designer Darling Competition. The challenge was to complete a full kit. No other restrictions. 
The same day the challenge was submitted I found this adorable photo
It was a "Share and Like to win" on facebook that a friend of mine was participating in. I love the look and the elements in the photo. I love the soft colors with the vibrant blue and the touch of yellow gold in the cage, floors and that ribbon in the back. I felt inspired by the photo. The theme also came from the photo. It reminded me of a vintage circus or carnival but sort of dreamier like maybe a dream. And that is were the idea that it would be a fantasy circus. Not a kit that you would actually scrap "a trip to the circus" with, but a kit that would be fantasy to use. Like make-believe. 
I think my new kit captured that....
"Cirque Fantastique"- the circus that is too fantastic to be real.
although I am not actually competing in the Competition anymore I want them to see that I am serious in my design. So I going to have ya'll go to STS's again to download.
but once there you can download just by clicking on my download here spot and it will start the download.
This kit will ONLY be there for Free downloading until the end of this competition.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
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  1. Great job! A really good kit and of course - being Welsh - my favourite is the dragon LOL Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for un kit fantastique!