Saturday, March 9, 2013

A few LOs to Share

Its been a while since I've just shared LOs that I've made lately that are some I'm the most proud of.
Here are a few......
Durin Eberhart "Tiny Critters" Collection, BMU_SSTools_MegaLift I Squared
Keri Schueller "Love Letters" Collection, SNU_SSEmb_PostageStamps, BMU_SSTools_MegaLift I Squared, ACA_SSTools_Styles_Vellum11201
scraplifted: [url=""]2012-06-06-HNC-Multiple-Photos: DANCE[/url]

Ang Campbell "Girl Girl" Collection (ACA_GirlyGirl), ACA_SSTools_Styles_Vellum11201, AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Frame2_2
Jen Reed "12th of Never
Manda Lane Scraps "Under the Sea"
Build a Memory *Cinderelly*
bird-Melisa Renfro SSTools_Shapes_Birdies_5001 glitter edge: Sydnee Nuckles_SSTools_Styles_GlitterEdge6301

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a moment to look at the LOs I've made.

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