Monday, July 1, 2013

July "Keep Calm and Berry On" Challenge from Arizona Girl

Arizona Girl is hosting through her blog and facebook a template challenge.
Everyone who participates will get something as a prize.
The template coordinates with Arizona Girl's newest release "Keep Calm and Berry On"
"Keep Calm and Berry On" is current 50% off (that is $2.50).
It also goes with Arizona Girl's newest template pack
Which is also 50% off
here is how the challenge will work
this is the template:
if this link gives you problems you can download from (please don't use this one unless you have to I don't have the bandwidth on box for mass downloading)
steps to play
1. Download and unzip the template
2. create a LO with template
3. Post your LO in the Scrapbird-Arizona Girl Gallery
4. Link your LO (and/or post your LO) to the Arizona Girl Facebook page
5. Or if you don't do facebook comment back on this post on Arizona Girl's blog with your link to the gallery
Arizona Girl prefers you to link on  facebook because she can contact you back with your prize.
6. All this needs to be done by July 31 11pm PST.

Everyone who makes a LO with Arizona Girl's template, and posts and links it will receive a $2 coupon to Arizona Girl's store (no min purchase).
If you use a kit by Arizona Girl (Add on freebie kits will count) and credit it as such, will receive a $3 coupon to Arizona Girl store.
One lucky person will ALSO receive a $4 coupon to Arizona Girl's Store.

Feel free to ask any questions
Arizona Girl can't wait to see what creativity comes out of all her fans!!
Thanks for playing
Thank-you for stopping by.


  1. Kaspersky is blocking the download for me. Says it contains a dangerous URL :( I want to think it's a false positive, but thought I should let you know!

    1. I checked my link, scanned my file for viruses... Everything is good. I don't know why it is giving you that problem.
      Here is another form of the link I don't know if it will help.
      here is a link from you can try