Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Release: Blue Ink

I have a new kit!
There are two things that inspired this kit.
One- I was in a not happy place. And I realized that not all things we record as scrappers and historians are happy and care-free events in our lives. 
The title was inspired by a jazz song I heard by
Esperanza Spalding
She named the song "Blue Ink". On the radio she said that the title came because she printed the song and her printer only has blue ink left and the song printed all in blue. Therefore she named the song blue ink.
I was inspired by the blue ink and the idea of making a kit entirely out of shades of blue.
Blue felt like a very appropriate color for how I was feeling. Making this kit was therapeutic for me. The other times in my life when I have felt depressed. I was unable to motivate myself to do anything creative. But having the goal to make this kit, motivated me to keep working.
This is the results of my inspirations.
Check out these LOs made with "Blue Ink"
created by CT Claudia
Made by CT Amber
I have a freebie for you!
Blue Ink will be 50% off for the rest of this month.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day.

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